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Industrial Air Compressors,
Dryers & Filters


  • Multiple Oil less scrolls compressor system. 

  • Low pressure and high pressure scroll option.

  • ODP motors mounted over slide bases to allow easy belt tension adjustment.

  • OSHA approved totally enclosed belt guard.

  • Aluminum body & internal special coating.

  • Integral fan for maximum cooling.

  • 7” Touch screen HMI.

  • NEMA 4 UL control panel. 

Scroll Enclosure

Scroll Encl fondo light blue.png
  • Oil less scroll pump design.

  • Very low noise & extremely low vibration.

  • Aluminum body & internal special coating.

  • Integral fan for maximum cooling.

  • 10,000 hour bearing & seal maintenance. 

  • Single or multiple scroll units of 5, 7.5, and 10 hp. (Or 3.7, 5.5, and 7.5 kW).

  • UL control panel.

  • Made in USA.


  • Oil-injected screw air-end.

  • Extremely low noise & vibration.

  • Easy access for maintenance 

  • Poly-V belt driven (B type) or Direct- driven (D type). 

  • High efficiency IE3 electric motors.

  • Total function control through a user-friendly electronic HMI.

  • Reduce the energy consumption and component wear using Star-Delta. 

  • Soft start motor for the standard models & variable frequency driver for VF models. 

Dryers & Filters




  • Compact design with low space requirements.

  • Pressure dew point of 38 °F / 4°C.

  • Built-in pre filter and post filter.

  • External digital controller for easy access adjustments. 

  • Energy saving mode included. 

  • Uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant. 

  • Removable side panels for easy access for maintenance.

  • High resistance cylindrical Shell heat exchanger.  

  • Designed for - ISO:7183-1986 (E).

  • Dryer quality class - ISO:8573-1:2010 (E) class 2.

  • Pre-Filter quality class - ISO:8573-1:2010 (E) class 1.

  • Consistent dew point performance

  • Noise level <70 dBA.

  • Pressure drop < 4.3 psig - 0.3 kg/cm2(g)

  • Aluminum construction.

  • Free from corrosion & scale formation at inner and outer sides.

  • Uses high crush strength adsorbent materials.


AEP-C075b RETOQUE Vacio.png
  • Oil less piston pump design, no oil in the crankcase or compression chamber.

  • Robust, cast iron crank case.

  • Long lasting steel cylinders.

  • Reed valves designed for smooth air intake and discharge.

  • Oversized PTFE bull ring keeping the piston straight and reducing wear.

  • Flywheel with integral fan for maximum cooling.

  • 10,000 hour bearing & seal maintenance. 

  • Base mount units with made in USA UL control panel.

  • Simplex and duplex ASME tank mount units, with optional dryers.

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