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Medical Air Compressors

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Compressed air system 100% oil-less, assembly with Reciprocating Piston or Scroll air compressors, with threaded connections admission filters and high-temperature sensors connected to the electrical control panel, electric motor for continuous duty, belt guard air cooler aftercooler with trap and auto drain for each compressor, bronze check valve, and receiver A.S.M.E. code stamped with epoxy internal coating, safety valve, liquid level gauge glass, manual and auto drain. The system includes 3 bypass valves to the tank with pipes and valves in bronze. Double module of air treatment each composed of pre-filter, air dryer, post-filter and pressure regulator (@55 psig), each module can be operated independently through their valves. Dew point with alarm @ 39F and carbon monoxide monitor with alarm @ 10ppm, dry contacts to remote alarms and connection to air sample, as requested per NFPA 99. Nema 4 electrical control panel mounted and wired with visual and audible local alarm as well as dry contacts for remote alarm. The complete systems are 100% tested prior leaving the factory.

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